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How can we assist your production needs?

Redline Production have an extensive range of equipment to suit all entertainment and public speaking events in Melbourne with a large range of Audio, Lighting, Rigging, Staging, Communication & AV products available for hire.


Whether a public speaker, a solo performance, duo, band or orchestra, it's imperative the sound is exceptional. It's our mission to help our clients achieve the very best outcome in sound.


2x Quest Hp218

2xQuest qm215fr 

2x peavey Sp3 

1xCrius 18" Sub

2x Rcf Acoustica 5215w

2xRcf Event 18” Subs

2x Rcf Art 710

1xRcf 705 Sub

2xYamaha Dzr10

2xYamaha 15Xlf subs

4xYamaha Dzr12

4x Yamaha 12dhr foldbacks 

4x Yamaha 18Xlf subs 


2 x Fresnel Lights

2x Chauvet Pix m bars

4 x Nanlight 30xPavotubes

2 x Nanlite Forza 60c 

4x Iphos led bars 

2x Cobra moving lights

2x Ave flat led wash

6x Ave flat par

4x Acme movers 

4x Eclipse lasers 

4 x Par 64 led cans 

2x pin spots

2x Dmx Controllers

1 x Antari Haze Machine

1x Chauvet Smoke machine

1x bubble  machine


2XNeumann Ew500 Wireless Mic 

2xNeumann Klm105 

1xNeumann Mcm114

1 x Sontronics Condensor

Drum Mic Kit

1x Sennheiser 902 

1x Sennheiser 905 

2x Sennheiser 604

1x Sennheiser 421 

1x Sennheiser 906 

1x Sennheiser 945 wireless 

1x Sennheiser 945 

1x Sennheiser Wireless headset 

4 x Sennheiser in ear sets

1 x Shure Beta 58

2xAtm 25  

2xAkg d770 

2xSE V7

2xRode m5 pencil mics

Mann Pencil Mic 

8x drum mic clips 


2x Xta 226

3xDbx driverack

Crius 4in 8 out driverack


2x Crest Ca12

1x Crest Ca9

1x Crius 3500

1x Phonic 5000



Allen Heath SQ5 

Allen heath qu sb rack mixer 

Behringer Xr18 

Soundcraft Sprit 16 Channel Analogue Mixer

4x Di Boxes


2xMixer case

2xAmp rack case

1xSkb case 

4xleads packers

2x light case

1xPelican case 

1xGeneric case 

2x mic stand cases


2x Yamaha Stage Custom drum kit 

1x Yamaha Tour Custom drum kit 

1xYamaha Birch custom absolute drum kit

1xYamaha HipGig Drumkit

13 x Paiste cymbals 

1x Yamaha 950 double bass drum pedal 

1xYamaha fp9 bass pedal

1x Dw double bass pedal

1x Yamaha Ahm snare drum 

1xYamaha 12” snare 

1xYamaha hex rack 

2 x Yamaha hi hat stands 

12 x Yamaha cymbal stands 

2xYamaha drum stools 

Crosstown Hardware

2x snare stands 

4 x drum cases sets 

1 x Korg Rs100 Keytar

1x Roland cube guitar amp 

1xRoland keyboard amp

2xK&m spacer poles

2x Gravity Spacer Poles

2x Hercules wind up speaker stands 

8x lighting stands 

4x2m truss poles

1 x 1.5m truss pole

4x 2mFlat truss

1x Right angle Flat Truss Piece

4x square 2.5m truss 

4x Bass plates

20x truss clamps

6xTruss adapters

1x Right angle truss 

8x K&m mic stands


2 x Weiland cables with tales

100xPower extension leads 


50xXlr leads 

20xDmx leads 

30x adapters

12x combi cable leads

1 x12 Channel drop box

3 Phase Distrobution Box

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